Hi, I'm Adam. . .

. . . a West Hartford, Connecticut-based photographer of weddings and elopements in Connecticut and New England. It is my passion to create authentic imagery where couples and the moments they share remain the focus.

I first came to photography while living in New York City.  I'd walk the streets of Manhattan for hours, with a camera and some black and white film, and with no particular destination in mind.  With each click of the shutter, I documented a small piece of the vibrance, diversity and happenstance of life around me. My camera was a tool to explore my curiosity.

Today, I photograph weddings with that same curiosity and passion.  I enjoy meeting new couples, learning their story, and documenting their wedding day with sensitivity from behind the lens.  I bring a friendly, relaxed attitude to my work and strive for images that are understated and unobtrusive.  I would love to hear from you.

My everyday inspiration! Photo by Erin Blinn Photography.